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Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Kwahu Presbytery, coming soon..

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The Kwahu Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana was carved out of the then Akim-Kwahu Presbytery in 1973.

The Presbytery covers all of the Kwahu South, Kwahu North, Kwahu West and part of the Birim North political districts.

The Presbytery is made up of 14 pastoral districts and 169 congregations – a good number of the congregations – are very small with an average of thirty five members.

As at the end of December, 2006, there were a total of 22,592 members. Out of this number 28% are children under 12 years of age.

The Presbytery has 34 ministers. Twenty of them are full-time and fourteen are part-time (i.e. Chaplains and teacher-ministers). There are also 61 trained catechists and 103 un-trained catechists.

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